Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekly Challenge #8

I love reading magazines. I have several subscriptions to various magazines and a sweet neighbor passes down some of her magazines. As much as I love reading and looking through them, it does get a bit overwhelming when they pile up.

After a few months of looking through the magazines and dog-earring the pages I find interesting, I end up with this:

(Divided into piles according to magazine: This Old House, Better Homes & Gardens, Various [Real Simple, Martha Stuart Living, Family Circle], Country Living, Taste of Home, Everyday Food)

My challenge for this week is to go through my pile of magazines, tear out pages that I want to keep, and recycle ALL of the magazines. I like to tear out the pages of recipes, design ideas, crafty ideas, and good articles and put them in a binder for future reference.

I realize this isn't a big task, but it's one that has needed to be done for quite a while. Here's to decluttering one small step at a time!


Liz said...

We have magazines galore too! They are a mess!! We don't even pay for any of the subscriptions, but we have plenty. I use to have lots of time to read them, and I just don't read them much anymore. It is kind of overwhelming sometimes. We get huge stacks, and I sort into a George pile and a Liz pile, and then we go through them again. I do enjoy flipping through them though. I am trying to remember how many we have. At least 8.

Kelly Spezzano said...

You will be so glad when you get into this. It will cut down on the magazine clutter so much. I also take the pages I have torn out and scan the recipe or craft into a folder in the computer. That way I have a digital copy.

lydia said...

Liz: I don't pay for any of my subscriptions either. The ones I get are free from saving Coke rewards points or from the neighbor. Chris has his own pile of magazines, which are his responsibility to go through!

Kelly: Maybe scanning the pages will be a project for another week. That is a really good idea!