Monday, March 07, 2011

Weekly Challenge #1 Update


I've had this necklace a long time. I believe I bought it to go with an Easter outfit about 5 years ago. It was one of those that I had forgotten about and was in the back of my jewelry box.

(Pardon the awkward shadows and angle. I was trying to take a picture of myself with my phone, but not get my face/neck in the picture much. I have this rash thing on my neck and jawline, so I figured you probably don't want to see that!)


This beautiful necklace was given to me by a dear friend for Christmas. I really love it! Turquoise and brown are big down here, so I feel like I fit right in.

(Have I mentioned how much I hate taking pictures of myself!?!?!)


This necklace was a Christmas present from my Grandma Kate. I really like cameo jewelry and I was so excited about this necklace. I love the black, white, and silver combination. It has earrings to match, but I wasn't in an earring mood today.


I was looking quite nasty today, but the necklace helped disguise that a little. I was in desperate need of a shower, but decided to wait until I could go for a run.

Unfortunately, I don't remember where I got this necklace. I'm sorry if that fact hurts someone's feelings. I wish I could remember, and I've tried all day, but it won't come to me. Maybe it was Tasha? It's a very pretty necklace. This picture isn't very good, but the necklace is green and blue with some silver running through it. It kind of has an iridescent look.


I was trying to do something different with the picture this time, but it didn't go as planned. You should see all the "mess-up" pictures, it's quite humorous.

This necklace was from my Mom a few years ago. I love the bright blue and really like for it to stand out. I paired it with this simple white shirt and called it done.

Saturday and Sunday

I didn't get around to taking pictures with the necklaces on, so this will have to do. I wore the necklace on the left on Saturday and the one on the right today.

The necklace I wore on Saturday is made out of blue and brown buttons. It was a gift from a friend when I graduated from high school.

The necklace I wore today is a simple red and silver necklace. I bought it to go with the outfit I wore the night Chris proposed to me, so it holds many special memories.

I enjoyed the challenge this week. I had hoped to be more creative with the necklaces I picked to wear, but that's alright. Just for fun, I counted that I own 39 necklaces! That might be a few too many!


Michele said...

I like the weekly challenge idea. I didn't think the posts were getting boring though. I always like to see what Wilson, Wesley and Grandma are up too.
Love you all!

Dani said...

I would just say ditto to Michele.

I would also add though, that you have some very cool jewelry.

strem said...

I knew people were referring to this. But, because I'm a bad blogger and a bad blog reader, I had no idea what they were talking about. This challenge is great. I need to do them with you. But, I realize that if I start with the necklaces now, I'm about 5 weeks behind as usual. Maybe I should double up with weeks. We'll see how it goes. I'll keep you posted.