Sunday, March 06, 2011

Weekly Challenge

Is it just me, or has this blog gotten super boring? I'm sure you're tired of reading about the dogs and Grandma. I need to think of more exciting things to write about.

Actually, I have a plan to help make things a little more exciting around here. I'm going to start doing a Weekly Challenge. Each week I'll pick a different "challenge" that must be completed every day. For example, every day this week I will wear a necklace. Or maybe every day this week I will call a friend. Sometimes the challenge will be related to clothing. Sometimes it will be related to household tasks or maybe something I need to accomplish.

I'll write about the challenge for the week and try to make some posts about how I'm doing with the challenges. Maybe it will inspire some of my readers to take part in your own challenges.

Hopefully this will add some spice to the blog and my life in general. Also, I can't think of a more creative name than "Weekly Challenge." If you think of something, please share your ideas!

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