Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekly Challenge #4

If I were being honest with myself and you, I could make this week's challenge be something along the lines of: get out of bed before 8:00 every morning, take a shower every day, put on real clothes, make supper every night, or make the bed every day. However, I'm sure I would be a complete failure. I'm not feeling very motivated today, but hopefully that will change as the week goes on!

Anyway, on to the challenge for this week.

Every day this week I will...have all the dishes done before going to bed.

This is a real challenge for me. I wash the dishes no less than 5 times a day. We don't have a dish washer and we have very limited counter space to let dishes build up. So, I spend a lot of my day washing dishes. I think the thing that makes it hardest for me to keep up is drying the dishes and putting them away so I can wash another load.

The evenings are the hardest for me. I usually try to keep up with the dishes as I'm fixing supper, but that doesn't always happen. Then once supper is over, I have to dry and put away what I've already washed plus wash the supper dishes. I'm also usually exhausted by that time of night and can't find the energy to get it done.

The problem is that I hate waking up and seeing a pile of dishes staring me in the face first thing. It's not a good start to the morning. I have to wash the dishes and clear the counter off before I can get breakfast going. I often think to myself, "I should have just done this last night. It would have been so much easier."

So, here's to having a clean kitchen at night! I'll let you know how it goes!


Amanda said...

There is nothing that gets under my skin more than waking up to a dirty kitchen, so, I feel your pain and frustration!! When the twins were babies, the house we lived in didn't have a dishwasher, it was miserable. Washing dishes can be exhausting because it seems no matter how many times you wash, there are always more to be done less than an hour later! Good luck :)

strem said...

I wish you could just see my kitchen right now, but I wouldn't dare send you a picture. :) Because I often cook so much for Sundays and rest after church, Mondays are my big clean-up days in that area of the house. Right now, it is a nightmare!

lydia said...

I understand what you mean, Strem. Sundays do make for lots, and lots, and lots of dishes! You should see my kitchen after fixing Sunday lunch! Yikes!