Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekly Challenge #2 Update

This week ended up being a challenge, but not entirely because of this challenge. Make sense? The week didn't go as planned, but that's OK. It was a very busy week, but I did get a lot done around the house.

Just to recap, my plan for the week was:

Monday: Clean out humidifiers and prepare to pack away
Tuesday: Pack away winter clothes, throw out what didn't get worn, unpack spring/summer clothes
Wednesday: Wash the curtains
Thursday: Wash all the blinds (YUCK!)
Friday: Wash the walls in Grandma's room.

Well, here's how my week went:

Monday: Didn't clean out humidifiers
Tuesday: Packed winter clothes away, put several things in the garage sale/Goodwill pile, unpacked spring/summer clothes
Wednesday: Didn't wash the curtains
Thursday: Washed the blinds and windows in Grandma's room
Friday: Washed the blinds and windows in the living room, washed the walls in Grandma's room, washed the curtains in the living room

So, all and all it wasn't a complete failure, but not completely a success.

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